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Integral Coaching; Art and Practice

Coaching Integral There is a lake and then another lake.
You approach one and you wet your feet on the other one.
You bathe on the next one and perhaps you will snorkel on the last one.
ICAP is a program for deep immersion in unthinkable territories of human soul.

What is ICAP?


ICAP is a deep, grateful and rigorous personal and professional transformation experience that can really make a difference in your life, a journey you will never forget .It is not about learning how to coach, but about becoming a coach.

A coach is a partner, an assistant for individual or group’s life processes, There is no one ICAP, but as many programs as there are students, because the one who keeps you company without walking or shows without seeing, is only just pretending. ICAP provides a loving context in which the soul of the apprentice finds the necessary legitimacy for the alchemy of transformation to occur.

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How it develops?


ICAP Basic is a full year program consisting on two modules. The complete program consists of 320 hours training, 192 of them will be live training. The modules are:

  • I: The Calling of the Soul (23 weeks).

  • II: The Ontological Coaching Path (27 weeks).

ICAP is designed for people who work. The only activities that have a scheduled date and time are the experiential ones: Weekend workshops, or meetings on weekdays will be scheduled with previous agreement. Among these experiential activities we offer a menu of training experiences, programmed in the virtual learning space, which are made according to the availability of students. Some are done individually, along with the coach team, while others require interaction with your group.

Which are the Requirements


It is necessary to have adequate reading and internet access. That is, students should be able to perform readings and exercises autonomously, as well as the skills to move in the virtual spaces of the program. However, the main requirement, perhaps the most important one, is to feel The Call , which is not a question for your mind but for your soul. The work of a coach develops in that territory. The answer to that question is meaningful silence. That significant silence is the main requirement for joining the program.

Workshop Schedules?


These are the program's top experiences, not replaceable by any other activity. Each module starts and ends with live conferences, whose calendar is presented below. During the year, 12 days of live conferences will be made.

Begins on March of 2018.

Other Training Activities


You will have unlimited coaching sessions. ICAP gives you the opportunity to enter into your own personal process, counting with the companionship and loving assistance of professional coaches of your preference, in a space of contention, respect and legitimacy.

ICAP learning: A virtual platform of friendly and pleasant learning methods will be available and it will guide you in all the steps that you take during the periods that are between live activities.

Study Team: You will discover that fellow travelers are a resource and an increasingly valuable force as you get involve into ICAP adventure. However, that is something that you will discover gradually.

Coaching Labs: Guided practices for skills development.

More Information


Certification of skills as ontological coach: At the end of module II, a process of evaluation and certification skills is carried out. If the student reaches the minimum level required by the program, as an ontological coach at the advanced learning level and also meets the requirements, he / she will receive a certificate as a professional ontological coach.

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